Walk-in’s are always welcome on a daily basis! The following are our prices for piercings.  Options for jewelry can range from something simple for $25 to something ornate and custom for $800, so the cost of the jewelry you choose is added to the piercing fee.

Prices for Piercings (***These are piercing prices ONLY and do not include jewelry***):

  • Earlobe:
    • 1: $20
    • 2: $30
  • Ear Cartilage: $35
  • Rook, Daith, Helix, Tragus: $35
  • Conch: $35
  • Industrial: $45
  • Nostril: $35
  • Septum: $35
  • Eyebrow: $35
  • Bridge: $35
  • Tongue: $35
  • Lip: $35
  • Monroe: $35
  • Vertical Lip: $35
  • Inverted Lip: $35
  • Cheek: $40
  • Navel: $35
  • Nipple: $35 for one. $65 for two.
  • Vertical Hood: $80
  • Horizontal Hood: $80
  • Inner Labia: $80
  • Outer Labia: $80
  • PA: $80
  • Frenum: $80
  • Scrotum/Hafada: $80
  • Guiche: $80
  • Surface: $40
  • Dermal Anchor: $40



Tattoo Pricing

  • $80 cash deposit  required (Applicable toward final price of tattoo work)
  • Minimum fee of $80
  • $150/hour
    • Anything under 2 hours will be a “price quote”
    • Anything over will be rated by time
  • Tattoos are cash only

Most tattoos will be priced based on the actual piece itself, factors in pricing depend on size, location and detail for the desired image. If you have something very specific or even a general idea of what you would like to get done, please bring photos or drawings in with you. We are happy to custom draw a tattoo for you or create something from the design that you bring. While we accept Visa and Mastercard for piercing services, tattoos are cash only.

We do not set appointments or give price quotes over the phone, due to the fact we need to see what you would like to get done to know how long the tattoo will take, to book out the correct time and how much it will cost (depending on size, detail, location). Come into the shop and our friendly, experienced staff will be happy to help you create a tattoo that will last a lifetime.