Facial & Body Piercings:

Before cleaning, wash your hands thoroughly with liquid antimicrobial soap and hot water. Never touch healing piercings with dirty hands. This is vital for avoiding irritation and infection.

Add 4 measured teaspoons of Non-Iodized Sea Salt to a fresh gallon of distilled water. Keep the gallon of saline refrigerated as a means of reducing contamination and bacterial development.  Prior to use, shake the gallon, ensuring that the salt is dissolved and well mixed. Use a clean, non-porous cup every time.  Fill the cup with as much solution is necessary and microwave for 15 or 20 seconds or until warm.  This heat helps promote blood flow.  The solution should be comfortable to soak in.  Be careful not to burn yourself! Make sure your mixture is accurate; too much salt will burn the healing tissue, and not enough salt will not be effective.

Soak by fully immersing the piercing into the warm saline solution making sure that both the front and back of the piercing are fully submerged.  Soaking time should be 5-10 minutes.  After soaking, use a clean Q-tip and warm water and gently remove any discharge or crust that was not removed from soaking. Never pick at crust or discharge with fingernails.  Gently pat dry with paper product. Do not use bath towels or hand towels. They can harbor bacteria, and the loops can catch on jewelry.

In addition to soaking you can purchase Saline Solution for Sensitive Eyes for quick cleanings. Not to be used in place of soaking. Squirt a bit on a Q-tip and gently swab around piercing, this is great for during work, or school!

REMEMBER: You do not need to rotate your jewelry, doing so could draw bacteria inside of the piercing causing an irritation or infection.

Oral Piercings:

Use an alcohol-free antibacterial/antimicrobial mouth wash – we recommend Tech 2000, Biotene, Tom’s of Maine or Crest Pro Health.

Rinse mouth 30-60 seconds with the mouth wash after smoking, eating or drinking anything for the entire estimated healing time (with the exception of water and ice)

In addition to after-eating rinses, your regular warm sea salt soaks should be maintained twice daily.  This is not a mouthwash. It is not necessary to swish the solution inside your mouth, simply let the piercing soak.  With lip piercings, put enough saline in your mouth to adequately submerge the backside of your piercing.  Then, soak the front of the piercing with the remaining solution.

If you are cleaning too often, the top of your tongue will start to turn a white to yellowish color. Continue to clean your piercing, but reduce the number of times you are cleaning a day. Also, purchase a new soft bristled toothbrush to reduce the amount of bacteria near your piercing.

For more tips and information, please feel free to call or stop in at either location.


Leave bandage on until the following day (minimum of 4 hours).
Wash your tattoo 3 times per day with a mild, baby-safe soap that is unscented (Dr. Bronner’s, Hibiclens, etc.) and running water. Do not use antibacterial soap on your new tattoo. Never use bar soap directly, only use the lather.
After washing, for the first 3 days, apply a light amount of A&D ointment.  Apply as you would a lip balm, just enough to keep your tattoo moist.
After the first 3 days, continue to wash your tattoo 1 to 2 times per day with running water and apply a light amount of unscented original formula lotion (Curel, Lubriderm, etc.)
Make sure your hands are clean before touching your healing tattoo.
Your tattoo will start to peel and flake off in a few days. Treat it like a sunburn. DO NOT go into direct sunlight or tanning for 2-4 weeks. DO NOT soak or swim with your tattoo for 2-4 weeks. That includes bathtubs, jacuzzis, hot tubs, rivers, lakes and/or oceans.
Always apply a 30 SPF sunblock to your tattoo when it is exposed to any sun or artificial (tanning) light. Your tattoo will look a lot better longer if you do this every time you are exposed. Either that or cover it up!
Never pick, scratch or peel at your healing tattoo.
Healing time is between 2-6 weeks.